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Owning your office condominium allows you to build equity, hedge against inflation, and benefit from real estate appreciation.

Invest in yourself

For the most part Monroe’s small business owners have been unable to take advantage of the benefits of office ownership. With Tower Village Office Park, small business owners like yourself can start building towards the future by owning your own office space. An alternative to leasing office space, buying at Tower Village Office Park adds an important asset to your financial balance sheet and offers numerous tax advantages.

A chart of the Occupancy Cost Analysis at Tower Village Office Park Monroe, Lousiana A chart of the Occupancy Cost Analysis at Tower Village Office Park Monroe, Lousiana

Should I Buy
or Lease?

Similar to your decision to purchase a private residence, business office ownership provides significant financial advantages: paying down the principal on a mortgage (Amortization), increasing property values, typical over time (Appreciation), and income tax deductions (Depreciation). Mortgage payments in comparison to escalating rent expense can provide significant savings to you over a 5, 10 or 20-year term.

This equity can serve your personal needs and provide your business with important capital accumulation. We have detailed financial modeling tools available to present customized lease vs. own scenarios with you and your financial team.

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The SBA 504 Loan Package can provide 90% financing with a below-market, fixed interest rate with up to a 20-year term on the SBA portion of the loan. This program can provide your business with a powerful economic development loan that offers small businesses another avenue for business financing, while promoting business growth, and job creation. Visit to learn more details about the 504 Loan Program.